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Sunday, June 26, 2011


This is a great drill for the off-season, individual workouts in the fall or when you want to get some conditioning and shooting in at the same time...we got this drill from Coach Don Meyer.

SET UP (Diagram #1): One player in the corner with one basketball.

EXECUTION: There are five spots on the floor for the player to work from (marked A-B-C-D-E in Diagram #1). The player will start from A and shoot a 3 (if she makes it she gets 3 points)...she must then hustle and get her rebound and dribble back to spot A. She now will self toss to herself, sweep the ball, take one hard dribble and pull up for a mid-rage jumper (if she makes it she gets 2 points)...she must again hustle for the rebound, dribble it back, self toss and now must take it to the rim for a lay-up (if she makes it she gets 1 point). She will repeat this at all 5 spots. When she is done, she must then go to the free throw line while she winded and shoot 5 free throws. Obviously if she were to make every shot, she would have a total of 35 points.

VARIATIONS: When coaches are supervising, we like to give our players 1:30 to complete the drill...that is very tough! We also keep records of players scores totals during their career. If they are along in the off-season we simply challenge them to go as hard as they can.

During our tenure at LSU, only one player hit the 35 point mark -- Seimone Augustus.  Temeka Johnson came close with 34 and numerous players hit 30+ often.