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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Every now and then we should just sit and think. Never know what you will come up with.

* Success has a price and players have to know that they have to pay it just as much as you and your staff have to.

* Success does have downpayments: work ethic, discipline, preparation, consistency.

* We are the sum total of the experiences we've had and the people we've met. What have you done? Who have you associated with?

* Preparation is so important because it can help eliminate fear and doubt.

* Before we can eliminate excuses that keep us from improving we have to recognize what those excuses are. Write down your top three excuses and then eliminate them for the next month. This will create a habit of not using them any more!

* It's very important to take a close look at your locker room. Whose voices are being heard? Are these the messages that you would want being sent?

* What messages are on your locker room wall? May seem corny but it's something that players will see -- and probably read -- almost every day!

* Never be concerned about repeating a message; repetitive verbal teaching is a great form of teaching. Teaching doesn’t always have to be physical.

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