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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Develop a positive relationship with the athletic director:

• Work your ass off to establish a great relationship with your athletic director.

• You need to have a mutual understanding with your athletic director.

• The athletic director is key when looking for your first or next head coaching job.

It’s hard to sustain a program when you are constantly trying to figure out how you are going to play:

• Take a job where you can recruit the kind of athletes you need to play your style.

• Recruit athletes who fit the way you want to play.

• Create a brand of play, it helps you recruit.

If I was to return to coaching I would:

• Press more.

• Shoot the three more.

• I would play more up and down.

• I would play a style that kids want to play.

Recruit Shooters:

• They will win games.

• Get your best players on the floor.

• Play small.

• If you can put four shooters around one low post scorer, they are unselfish, move the ball, and move themselves, you will be successful.

The four-man is the most important piece of the recruiting puzzle:

• Coaches are now recruiting four-men that can shoot the basketball.

Ball screen defense:

• If I was coaching today, I would become more of a zone coach.

• Zone allows you to avoid guarding all of the ball screens in today’s offenses.

• When in doubt switch on the ball screen.

• IF they have the best player coming off the ball screen, trap and force someone else to beat you.

• Switch up the way you defend ball screens.

• Consider playing more man to zone defense and vice versa.

• Who has better zone plays than man plays for a last second shot? So why not play zone defense in this situation?


• Simulate late game situations because so many game sin college basketball have a five points or less differential with five minutes left in the game.

• The success of your team in a season depends on how well you did in close ball games.

• Last part of every practice, Dean Smith would work on overtime situations.

• If you want to win close games, spend more time on end of game situations.

• In fifteen years, I never saw Dean Smith write a play on a clipboard during a timeout: It was all talked about or worked on in practice. He expected is players to remember their responsibilities.

• Talk to your players and practice how to utilize timeouts late in games. When to use them and how to use then.