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Friday, July 1, 2011


I recently picked up "Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People" by Rich DeVos who is the cofounder of Amway and the Chairman of the Orlando Magic. It's not a big book but it was a great read. There is no one this book would not benefit, especially coaches. This is a relationship-improvement book whether it's your professional life or your personal life. I will share some of these words and the thoughts but DeVos gives so many great stories that I strongly recommend you get the book.


"Be a Believer = Be an Achiever" - Norman Vincent Peale

"I believe in you" is a more personal phrase than "You can do it."  A believe in someone is really an extension of the phrase of  "You can do it.'  But we need not always say the words.  We can demonstrate 'I believe in your" through our actions. Sometimes simply our presence at an event or support of a cause says, "I believe in you."

We need to be vigilant in guarding against the influence of those who show by their words or actions that they do not believe in us.  We all have a tendency for self-doubt.  And that tendency can be reinforced by naysayers.  Too many people accomplish little more than a list of regrets because they doubted rather than believed -- because they decided to listen to the negative opinions of others rather than try for themselves.

We also show people we believe in them when we support their endeavors or causes.

I believe that one of the most powerful forces in the world is the will of people who believe in themselves who date to aim high, to do confidently after the things that they want from life.