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Saturday, July 16, 2011


I don't do it much but I'm asking all those that read my blog to give me an "assist" please!

There is a movie on the life of legendary Coach Pete Newell.  It is titled "Basketball Guru: The Pete Newell Story.  I have seen some of the excerpts and it is an amazing work that all of us that have anything to do with basketball will need and want to watch.

To help those involved with the project understand how much Coach Newell's legacy means to us -- and in turn this special project -- there has been a facebook page created to gauge our interested.

As of this blog post, 196 people have clicked "like" on the page. 

My goal is to get us to 1,000 by mid-week!  This means so much to me that I will not post another blog posting until we get to at least 500...

I need your help -- PLEASE!!!

Click on this link and PLEASE click the "Like" button.

Then take a few minutes and scroll down and click on the various video clips -- and then you will know why this is such a special project.

I would also be great for those of you to click "share" on your facebook something on your the link to this post...let's rally the basketball world show support for this great project for this incredible coach.