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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My friend Ari Fisher, the men's assistant coach at Baton Rouge Community College is speaking at a clinic tonight and passed along the notes for which he will speak from -- good stuff!


DON’T COACH FROM A TEXTBOOK: Undermines credibility with your players. Make sure you can teach only using a practice plan. Teach with confidence.

DON’T KEEP COPIOUS RULES: Less is more. People recall information in groups of 2’s, 3’s or 4’s. Rules should be in exact language and only cover things that a coach absolutely cannot tolerate.

DON’T COACH ANGRY: Always coach rationally in lieu of emotionally. The athletes follow your lead.

DON’T LABEL ATHLETES: Behavior can be labeled, but personal dignity must be kept intact. Think about how you would want someone to address you when teaching you. Usually yelling gets tuned out.

DON’T ASSUME: Coach as if the players don’t know anything. Be precise in your teaching.


DO TAKE CARE OF SUPPORT STAFF: Managers, trainers, stat keepers, administrators, custodians, secretaries, or anyone else that might cause you a problem.

DO MAKE SURE YOU YOUR TEAM KEEPS SUPERIOR PHYSICAL CONDITION: Keeps the mind fresh for the whole game; and reduces the risk for injuries from fatigue.

DO COMMUNICATE: with parents, administrators, media, athletes, or anyone else you deem appropriate.

DO KEEP HIGH LEVEL OF ‘WITH-IT’NESS’: Know what is going on in your program at all times. Make sure you are never shocked by anything that happens. You don’t have to let the kids know you are aware of everything. Make sure your athletes do not think you are stalking them.