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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm really getting excited about Coach U Live next week and thought this would make a great blog post.  A special thanks to my twitter friend @NYC_CoachO for sending me a master list of some great tweets from Coach Kevin Eastman.  Here are just a few I pulled for today:

"Circles" are so important to your personal development. Like it or not they influence us; in good ways or bad. It’s YOUR choice! Who's in your circle? That group you are with or talk to on a very consistent basis. Make sure they challenge you & stretch you!!

We had a saying with our team that we used as a reminder on down days: "Hard Work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard".

Interesting thing about the best leaders is that they immerse themselves in both teaching and learning. Growth [comes] by both!

Pressure always hits hardest when you are unprepared. Preparation is pressure's greatest obstacle. Be prepared every time; in every way!

Often the biggest competition we all will face is competing against ourselves. Competing to be what we could or should be!

If you want to be good at something you must spend time on it. If you want to be "the best at it" you must spend more time on it than others do!

The ABC's of success are evident in each of the Final Four teams: ATTITUDE, BELIEF, and CHEMISTRY. Think about your team. Did they have these?

The ability of a leader to gain [the] trust of those they lead is proportional to the time they spend building relationships!

Heard this said about UConn Women's [basketball] team: that they played with "relentless consistency"; this is something all teams should strive to do!

Leadership is a DAILY exercise in moving others forward; helping others improve; getting closer to the ultimate vision; in time it rewards you!

When it comes to studying success - it's vital to be curious; find out what others (who are where you want to be), are doing & what they did do to get there.

All successful people have a way of proving their worth every day without having to let everyone know; no boasting - they just get results.

Sincere praise is actually pretty easy to give if you understand how powerful it's effect can be; if given out properly & w/ sincere feelings!

Coaching is a year round exercise in sustained thought & career improvement; don't stay where you are; become more simply because you’re capable of it

The best teams are usually the ones that are the best at the little things!

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