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Saturday, July 16, 2011


In his most recent book, “Rebound Rules,” Coach Rick Pitino talks about three areas that have took on an additional meaning in his life as he has dealt with adversity on and off the court.

1. Laughter

2. Humility

3. Emotional catharsis: When you release your emotions, a new energy comes from that release. When you bottle them up, you inhibit your energy and keep everything inside of you. When adversity hits us, we’re always affected emotionally. Adversity can bring out the best in us or the worst, depending on the choices we make. So many times in life, we make the wrong choice about how to handle our emotions and, consequently, our actions. Most of us do not want to confront the pain that comes with adversity. Our inclination is to run away from the pain—to enter denial, to medicate with drugs or alcohol, to escape from the reality of the situation. When you confront your adversity and that pain head on, your recovery time is much shorter. You’re not delaying the inevitable. You’re accelerating the process of getting back to normal, and back to a positive frame of mind.