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Thursday, July 7, 2011


We received so much positive feedback from our "Preparing for Crisis" post that we thought we share some more bullet points from my Crisis Management presentation at the Steps Up Assistant Coaching Symposium last spring in Chicago.

At the very beginning, one of the points I made was that you must understand the difference between a "problem" and a "crisis."  We will have problems on a daily basis to solve.  Don't turn a problem into a crisis -- don't be a "crisis creator."


A. Understand that in challenging times – all eyes are upon you
.... 1. The players
.... 2. Your fellow coaches
.... 3. Administrators
.... 4. Media
.... 5. Fans

B. It is your greatest opportunity to “lead”
.... 1. History shows great leaders arise during times of crisis


A. Poise and composure
.... 1. Those you lead to see that you aren’t sweating it
.... 2. They need to see confidence in your eyes
.... 3. They need to hear confidence in your voice

B. Be cautious on what say you can deliver
.... 1. Solve the problem as soon as possible
.... 2. Solve it to the best of your ability with what is available
.... 3. Don’t promise the stars and heavens.

C. Let the victory be a “team victory”
.... 1. Give the team ownership in the solution
.... 2. Thanks those who helped no matter how little

A. Once the crisis has been averted, push forward
B. Don’t look back, don’t revisit