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Thursday, July 7, 2011


1. In transition adjustment, try to beat the offensive post-up player to the player's favorite spot to set up post position.

2. The use of foot movements is very important.  A defensive post-up player should be ACTIVE and adjust his position as the ball moves.

3. A post-up defensive player should communicate the exact position of his opponent.

4. A defensive post player should contest the path of his opponent. Never allow the post-up player to move directly to a position on the strong side without some type of impediment.

5. A quick-moving defensive post player can confuse the offensive post-up player and the passer by varying the position of post play.

6. A good defensive post player should never lose sight of the ball.

7. The most important rule of all for a post defensive player is proper stance, vision and mental requirements.  Stay low in a flexed-knee position, arms extended parallel to the floor, midpoint vision on the weak side, and anticipating movement of the opponent.

From "Basketball Post Play" by Pete Newell and Tom Newell