Monday, October 10, 2011


The is a brief excerpt from an article written by David Lee for :

No matter our age, one of the best ways we can put ourselves in an environment to learn is to surround ourselves with mentors and others we can learn from. SUCCESS for Teens points out three ways to learn something new:

1. Study how it works and what to do.

2. Learn by actually doing it.

3. Find someone else who’s already mastered something you want to do. That person can teach from his or her experience.

Learning from someone who has gone before us and already experienced the successes and failures can be invaluable. Help your teen identify his support team. Who can he learn from? Who can help him reach his goals? Help him set up meetings with these people so he can stay in contact and learn from them. If he learns what works and doesn’t work for them, and if he can find a way to apply that knowledge to his life, he can really get a head start in reaching his goals.

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