Saturday, October 22, 2011


Step I: Understand the Power of Attitude
Your attitude is a powerful tool for positive action. It’s inherently interwoven into everything you do. It’s your most priceless possession. The good news is, you don’t have to buy it. But you do have to develop it.

Step 2: Choose to Take Charge of Your Life
Transform your attitude into action, you must accept responsibility for what goes on inside your mind by monitoring your internal dialogue.

Step 3: Identify Through. Self-Awareness the Attitudes That Hold You Back or Propel Your Forward
Practicing self-awareness, you will learn the three types of bad attitudes. You will discover how to assess your present-day attitude by identifying the things that may be holding you back and to find the attitude needed to propel you forward.

Step 4: Reframe Your Bad Attitude
An attitude of anger can be transformed into an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness by shifting your perspective.

Step 5: Find Your Purpose and Passion
Once you’ve determined what has been holding you back, it’s time to look ahead and analyze where you want to go. Understanding the importance of living your life with purpose and passion—having a personal vision—is critical to achieving success.

Step 6: Be Pre-Active
Even with a positive attitude, purpose, and passion, life is never without challenges, disappointments, setbacks, and problems. By developing a pre-active approach to life, you will become better prepared to handle the hazards you face in life.

Step 7: Discover How to Motivate Yourself
E keys to self-motivation by making use of the Attitude Tool Kit: affirmations, visualization, attitude talk, positive greetings, enthusiasm, spiritual empowerment, humor, and exercise.

Step 8: Build Supportive Relationships
Nobody makes it alone in this world. We all need supportive relationships to get through challenging times.

Step 9: See Change as an Opportunity
One of the greatest challenges to a positive attitude is change, whether it’s a change of jobs, a change in a relationships or a change in your economic status.

Step l0: Leave a Lasting Legacy
Sometimes we forget that the greatest thing we can do to build a healthy attitude is to get involved in something greater than ourselves.

From "Attitude Is Everything" by Keith Harrell