Friday, October 14, 2011


In 2008, Pat Williams, the GM of the Orlando Magic and a tremendous motivational speaker put out a book, "The Ultimate Coaches' Clinic." It is a fascinating book because of the style Pat utilized. He surveyed over 1000 coaches and administrators for insights to what is important to successfully do their job. It is a great book to own and I highly recommend it. Here are some thoughts from Tony LaRussa:

It is always about the players, not you. Every thought, every day must be about helping them get better.

There is no problem that you will ever face that does not have a solution. It is your job to keep working until you come up with an answer. Don’t give up.

Stay ahead of situations, which will help slow the game down. You must stay on top of every issue during the game.

Take everything personally. You are responsible, so be accountable to yourself. Manage in such a way that you will have no regrets.