Saturday, October 9, 2010


To deal with and overcome adversity, several personal attributes are required. By degree, you must possess all of the following elements:

• An inner confidence that has been tested.

• Sound fundamentals and skills that have been firmly entrenched by weeks, months and years of training, practice, rehearsal and direct competition.

• A functional intellect for the activity.

• A belief—a conviction—that is able to effectively control your urge to “quit and run.”

• A willingness to sacrifice for others.

• A refined sense of communication that enable you to have a realistic sense of what your teammates are thinking and how they will react and respond to a given situation.

• Trust in yourself and in your teammates. This trust must have been nurtured through months and years of practicing, playing and sacrificing for a common goal.

• A philosophy, a scheme, and a system that has evolved, matured and become established.

• Flexibility and adaptability that enable you to effectively deal with change. You must be able to recognize and adapt to markedly different styles, strategies and tactics.

• A qualified support staff and system. Both your staff and your system must reflect a high level of intensity and a comparable level of willingness to make critical sacrifices

• Both elements must be well-organized and well-led.

• Leadership.

• A plan, a goal and a dominating thought process that motivates and inspires.

• A knowledge and understanding of your opponent—his strategies, tactics, system, personnel, attitudes and goals.

• A system of replacing and acquiring new players and staff members.

From "Finding The Winning Edge" by Bill Walsh