Thursday, October 14, 2010


12 Basic Tenants of Transition Defense

1. On the raise of the shot, the 1, 2, and 3 get back. (4 and 5 can go to the glass). They would rather give up a few offensive rebounds to have a better chance of getting their defense set.

2. First three steps are most important in terms of sprinting back on defense (beat your man to ½ court).

3. Must get “below the ball.”

4. We are guarding their team, ot our matchup.

5. 2 guys back are in a tandem.

6. 3 guys back are in a triangle.

7. 1st big guy back protects the basket.

8. 2nd big guy back “loads to the ball;” with the goal being to take away any seams and to stop dribble penetration. With great penetrating players, they will “load to touch.”

9. No Buddy. Find the ball. Don’t just find your matchup.

10. Get to “shrink spots” (help). Again, take away all possibilities of penetration. Do not allow any seams.

11. Make them throw 2 passes in transition.

12. Use your voices and your fingers in transition defense.