Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If you don't mind, I'm going to brag about my hometown just a bit.  As most of you know, I was born, raised, and taught a great deal of what I know as a coach in the state of West Virginia.  I'm a graduate of Winfield High School and was really proud to read the following:

Winfield (WV) - The Winfield Midget Football League participants love their mothers. They showed this Sunday when the football teams wore pink mouth pieces and the cheerleaders added pink hair ribbons to their uniforms to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. The mouthpieces were sponsored by the Wellness Council of West Virginia.

“We’ve seen the professional football players wear pink in October the last two seasons,” says Kelli Frampton, the WCWV employee who came up with the idea. “I have two sons in the league and I asked them if they would like to do something like what the pros were doing. They thought it was a really cool idea.” Kelli brought the idea to the attention of Sharon Covert, the Executive Director of the Wellness Council. Covert approved of the idea for her son, who is also in the Winfield League. The Council employees began talking to coaches and soon a plan was in place.

“A couple of the coaches handed out the mouth pieces and asked their players why supporting awareness of breast cancer was important,” said Covert. “One of the boys shouted out that they all had mothers and grandmothers and they all seemed excited to get the equipment.” From there, the cheerleaders came up with the idea of pink hair ribbons to go with their green and white uniforms. The oldest football players on the A Team even donned pink socks for the occasion.

“We got a call from the league at Poca. They wanted to know where we got the mouth pieces. I think this will be even bigger next year,” said Frampton. The players and cheerleaders plan to wear the pink reminders at all games during the month of October.

Kelli Frampton by the way is my sister-in-law!