Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Thanks to Coach Duane Silver for passing this on to us:

These stats will show you who is playing hard on defense. This is Coach Bruce Weber's top award he gives out at his end of the season basketball banquet. (I love it!!) He keeps a scoreboard of this up in the locker room. He does it game by game.

1) Passes deflected +1

2) Blocked Shots +1

3) Steals +1

4) Dives +1 (He only counts logical dives on the floor after loose balls) (Could be on the offense or defense.)

5) Loose Balls +1 (someone else might deflect a pass, and if you come up with the ball this is a loose ball)

6) Charges Taken +2

7) 5 Second Count: This is only for the man guarding the ball. Not the players denying the passes.