Friday, October 1, 2010


The following comes from the Iona Basketball Newsletter -- special thanks to Coach Zak Boisvert.

Roy Williams: Have your players write down 3 goals for the summer before they leave for break. Meet with them in the fall ask them, “Did you do them?”

Chuck Daly: Defenses don’t get beat on help, they get beat on recovery.

Tom Crean: When a perimeter player moves up the court on penetration, he shouldn’t be hopping or straddling the three point line. He should be drawing a half circle to a higher spot - “Get behind the ball.”

Larry Shyatt: Whether you’re playing man or zone, if your team has a habit of “We hit 1st”, you will have success rebounding.

Don Meyer: Guards must keep their rear end to the ball during help. Fake at the ball and retreat. If we come open like that, we better be getting the ball (charge or trap).

Mike Dunlap: Penetration is a virus to all defenses.

Joe Paterno: Your players tend to become what they believe you think they are.

Larry Brown: In offensive or defensive transition, our big’s job is simple: get ahead of the ball.

Pete Gillen: How good is their backup point guard? Can we steal a couple of points by pressing when he enters?